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About New Tech for New Media

This course is about predicting and projecting change in media through the lens of technology. It will expose you to emerging technologies and trends that promise to further evolve the paradigm for how people access, interact with and publish information in the future. In the process, you will be better prepared for a career in which you embrace and exploit new opportunities, maybe even becoming an agent of change yourself, versus constantly adapting to or fighting external changes outside of your influence.

The technologies we will research this semester include:

  1. Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and “Presence” – Immersive virtual reality and “story experiencing” through computer-generated scenes.
  2. 360 and 3D Video – Spherical videos that are experienced through cardboard viewers, holding a phone in the air or clicking around in a browser.
  3. Reality Capture — 3D scanning, photogrammetry, lightfield cameras. Also includes gesture interfaces the utilize structural data sensors like Leap Motion and Kinects (“Minority Report” interfaces).
  4. AI and Conversational Interfaces – From Facebook messenger bots to Amazon Alexa skills and Siri, the interface for requesting information is evolving toward natural language and voice.
  5. Sensors – Wearable computers, biometrics and “Internet of Things.”