1/19/16 Lecture Notes, Class 1

Tues 9/1 Class: Welcome!

I. Welcome! An Introduction to using data visualization to tell stories.

II. FERPA forms.

III. Class Blog, Rebelmouse
Most of the assignments will be filed by embedding widget code into the class blog at http://journovationsu.org. And you have an account! Walkthrough of how it works.

IV. Exercise: And now for a little magic. Introduce yourself through data!

1. Open this URL. How did that data get in there? Let’s find out together.

2. Pull out your cell phone and take a “selfie,” or have your neighbor do it for you.

3. Email the file to yourself and download the image to your desktop.

4. Open Cyberduck on your computer.

5. Log into the class FTP site. You can find the login info in Blackboard under the Access tab.

6. In Cyberduck, navigate to Exercise 1. Create a folder with your name in it, then drag the profile picture you created into it.

7. Follow the instructions here to create a direct URL to your image in a browser.

8. Go to this Google spreadsheet and fill out your info. Put your image URL into the correct column.

9. Take a look at this URL, to see class data populating in real time.

Congrats! You Participated in a Data Visualization
You not only introduced yourself to the class, but you participated in your very first interactive data-driven visualization. The data is all in a Google spreadsheet, and some free Javascript and JQuery code called Tabletop.js that we will use in a future class pulls all of that data into a web page. Try changing any of your information and you will see that the public web roster updates in real time.

V. Excel

Go through some basic features of Excel, and formulas.

  • Adding information as data
  • Add a formula
  • Columns and rows.
  • Formula: using the equal sign for functions. Basic math.
  • Sum columns or rows.
  • Select an area.
  • Format cells to change cell type (text, number).
  • Making charts in Excel.
  • Common formulas:  adding, subtracting, dividing, multiplying, summing

Assignment 1: Register for the class blog, fill out this survey. Due before next class.

Reading before next class: Excel basics: http://bit.ly/19aKVUa