2/1 Lecture Notes: High Charts, continued

12:30-12:45: Housekeeping

  • Possible data set for final projects is Factba.se. See the Jimmy Kimmel piece on it.
  • Any cool #NHData finds?
  • 2 points extra credit forAssignment 4. is toModify the code in your Highcharts example to change the colors of of bars, use different images or icons, or make other customizations that are not configurable variables in the code library. Hint: it’s not in the HTML! If you attempt this, be sure to post something in the Extra Credit 2 assignment in Blackboard and explain what you did.
  • Alberto Cairo, a dataviz expert and author of The Functional Art, will be here for a workshop Friday, March 30. Please plan to attend! More details soon.

12:45-1:10: High Charts review

  • I’ll go through the entire Highcharts process one last time.
  • Downloading code
  • Finding a chart you like
  • Customizing the data
  • Load locally
  • Upload to FTP. Reminder of how class FTP works.
  • Embed in a blog post

1:10-1:50: Work on your assignment