2/14/2017 Lecture Notes

12:30-12:45: Business models critique

12:45-1: My example of a 10-20-30 pitch

  • The pitch
  • Critque of my own pitch!

1-1:30: Business book presentations

5 minutes presentation, 5 minutes Q&A.

  • Elena DeLuccia: The Filter Bubble
  • Tony Yao: The Lean Startup
  • Bridget Chavez: A Whole New Mind


  • Josue Muñoz: Ten Faces of Innovation
  • James Groh: The Innovator’s Dilemma
  • Max Jakubowski: The Four Hour Work Week
  • Logan Ratick: The End of Big
  • Kelly O’Neill: ?

1:30-1:50: PRD and final projects

Work on your PRD, and brainstorm with me on your final project idea.