2/15/2017: Factba.se and Leaflet

 12:30-1: Bill Frischling of Factba.se

1-1:30: Leaflet

  • What is it? Check out the Leaflet.js site.
  • Why use this instead of Google Maps?
  • Take a look at the map I created this morning. It is embedded below, too.
  • Let’s go through the tutorial I used to make this map. Please try to follow along!
  • Start by downloading this simple HTML template and open it in sublime.
  • Note: you may need to use this div code instead to make the map appear:
  • You may need to get a Mapbox ID, then register for a token. Put that token into the “accessToken” part of the code when you get to that step. For now, try using this one: pk.eyJ1IjoicGFjaGVjb2QiLCJhIjoiLWk3WnpUTSJ9.MoCPhEjLDP6_wyjHjFDIvg
  • Things not working? Feel free to work backwards from this workingmap.html.

1:30-1:50: Work on last few assignments.

Also, don’t forget ….

  • Independent learning blog post: 20 points of grade!!!
  • Grad students must publish a data visualization professionally somewhere, OR create a web site on your own domain name and web host and post your final project there.

Here is the example map from above embedded into a post.