2/16 Lecture Notes

12:30-1:20: Book presentations

  • Josue Muñoz: Ten Faces of Innovation
  • James Groh: The Innovator’s Dilemma
  • Max Jakubowski: The Four Hour Work Week
  • Logan Ratick: The End of Big
  • Kelly O’Neill

1:30-1:50: Final product plans.

  • The list of what you need to do is in the syllabus. The format can be similar to a PRD, but without the detailed requirements, as the audience is the board of directors of a media company, a grant-making foundation or investors. The goal is to convince them to a) let you run with your project, and/or b) fund it. Typical sections to include are:
    • Executive summary
    • Competitive overview
    • Written walkthrough of the user experience
    • Wireframes
    • Business model description and graphs
    • Team
    • Execution plan

A few recent examples:

You have a month to complete these, not including your spring break 🙂  Due date is Friday, March. 24.