3/2 Lecture Notes: Timelines and StoryMap

SAD UPDATE: CartoDB seems to have gone through a significant upgrade that removes some of the most useful features that work for journalistic stories, so we are (sadly) removing it from the schedule completely. It’s too bad because it used to be a really great mapping tool.

If you made a map using their tutorials, send me a link and I will give you extra credit. Meawhile, please see the revised class schedule.

Moving on ….

12:30-12:45: Let’s look at timelines!

12:45-1: StoryMap

1-1:20: Another type of Timeline, this one vertical using open source code.

1:20-1:50: Work on your timeline or story map for assignment 3.

  • Assignment 3 is to make a timeline or storymap about a story you are interested in. Embed it in the class blog.
  • For extra credit, created a vertical timeline, FTP it into the class server and embed that into your post instead.