3/20/2018 Lecture Notes: Sensor Journalism

12:30-12:40: Finds, and Assignment 3

  • Let’s check out new finds in the slackchat
  • Anyone feel good enough about their chatbot for the class to talk with it?

12:30-12:40: APIs and data privacy

  • Facebook, Cambridge Analytica and the election
  • Discussion

12:40-12:50: Field test 

  • The field test is due Thursday, April 26 midnight.
  • Here are a couple examples:

12:50-1:15: Sensor Journalism Presentation

1:15-1:25: Arduinos

1:25-1:40: Pair up and go shopping!

  • Find a partner and go through Sparkfun.com together.
  • Find examples of two sensors that could be used to tell stories in interesting ways. They can be used individually or together.

1:40-1:50: Present

  • Each team presents about your sensor journalism ideas

Assignment 4