3/27/2018 Lecture Notes: HP Sprout, HP VR backpack

12:30-12:40: Housekeeping

  • Finds
  • Please fill out the field test survey
  • Ready Player One opens this weekend. It has lots of application to things we talk about in this class!
  • Extra credit opportunity: 3D print something you design. Take a photo of it in your hand and upload in the assignments tab under Extra Credit.

12:40-12:50: New toys to play with!

12:50-1:15: Unity

  • Basic demonstration on how to create a VR environment in Unity using the SteamVR Plugin.

1:15-1:40: Field trip

  • Let’s go see where the Sprout and VR Backpack are now and see what we’re able to do with them.
  • If possible, we will demo what we created in Food.com. First time trying this!