3/29/2018 Lecture Notes: Field Tests

12:30-12:40: Finds

12:40-1:10: Field Test pitching

Come prepared with a 2-3 minute verbal pitch about your planned field test. Address the following at minimum:

  1. The technology you will use.
  2. Your media hypothesis for how it can be used, including scenarios for the test (as just one example, the specific topic, event or story subjects).
  3. Briefly describe the test plan.
  4. What problems do you anticipate may come up, and how will you work around them.
  5. What is your plan B.

After your pitch, put your name in the voting booth along with a one-line description of your test.

1:10: Voting!

For the rest of class….

You will be free to work on your field test. This can include writing up plans or using specific technologies in the lab, or elsewhere.

I will also bring the VR backpack and system into the classroom for those who want to try it. A new experience for the Ready Player One movie just came out and I have it installed on there so you can go into the Oasis if you like. We can also build Unity environments in real time that you walk into, if anyone wants to experiment with that.

Final note: please remember to fill out the evaluation for this class!