4/20/2017 Lecture Notes

12:30-12:40: Review

On Tuesday we started learning how to create chatbots. Here are links to the info and services we went over.

Your Third assignment is to create a Facebook Messenger chat bot using Chatfuel.com. The topic of the bot should be something informational. This could be a topic in the news, information about an event (future or historical), a science topic, information about Newhouse, etc.

12:40-1:10: Amazon Skills

Today we will look into voice-based assistants, specifically Amazon’s Alexa and Alexa “Skills,” which are like voice-activated apps for the Amazon Echo.

  • Demo of how Alexa works.
  • Installing Alexa Skills.
  • Creating a conversation tree with PullString, and (theoretically) how to publish that as a voice-activated Alexa Skill. You can also use PullString to create a basic chat bot for other services.
  • You can also try creating an Alexa skill using Amazon’s new Skills kit and its Builder Beta tool.

1:10-1:30: IFTTT