Oculus Rift + Touch Controllers & Introducing, the OcuCube

The Oculus Rift is a VR console with touch controls that add an additional level of interaction that allow the user to more physically engage with the virtual space. What’s unique about the oculus with touch is the fluid interaction of the controls and varied buttons which one tester compared to the vive controls which don’t have as many buttons. I had most testers try the Oculus first contact and the toy box and observed how intuitive they were to pick along and navigate through the tutorial. Everything was very interactable and the physics felt natural. However, one of the primary issues were the moments where the hands gltiched or one would reach past the sensors. Overall it was a little tricky and limited to interact with the space when you’re at a desk.

To make the VR experience more spatially interactive, the OcuCubes supplement the VR experience with physical furniture that also exists in your virtual world. The simple design of the cube can easily be customizable, stackable and flexible for game designers to find a variety of uses in the virtual world. Have more control over your virtual space by rearranging cubes in your physical space to create more 3-dimensional virtual spaces.