Assgnmt – What is le future of virtual reality in journalism and media

By Jameis Zaslav

Virtual Reality is a new and unique way to share stories and connect with people across the globe. The entertainment business and the media business rely on story telling. Journalism works much in the same way but journalism aims to tell cutting edge stories in real time.
I think virtual reality will work best with video games, sports, television shows, films and travel guides much easier than if it were applied to in a journalistic sense. I imagine it would be very difficult to recreate a scene or create a program to replicate a complicated murder or car crash so viewers could see it live. The world moves to fast to recreate every intricacy.

One of the advantages of virtual reality is that it is fake and you are in a ‘virtual reality’, which means there are no rules, or that you don’t have to follow the common laws of physics. It can be anything and you can be anywhere doing whatever you want. For television and films, the viewer would get fully immersed in the story. It would work in video games the best and I think it would be a big money maker. The gaming experience is moving closer and closer to this, especially with the kinect in full effect. Imagine being fully submerged in your game of FIFA. You are on the field, kicking the ball to Lionel Messi who is running along side you. Or you replay some classic NFL moments like the immaculate reception where you are in the helmet of Franco Harris.

It would also be cool for travel advice. If you are not sure where you want to go on vacation, you can virtually transport yourself to a few places and feel out which culture you are going for.

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