Assignment 1: 3D Model —Yi Zhang

It was really fun to see a 3D model of myself being printed out. During this project, I learnt some basic operations of modifying 3D models through Tinkercad.

I think the way of capturing and sharing 3D information online may change people’s life tremendously. The first possible application that comes to my mind is education. In the future, students will be able to learn things through 3D models, which will be easier for them to understand. Also, 3D model can  be used for online shopping. Sometimes, we buy some clothes that look really good on the models. But when we try them on, it looks not that fit for us. In the future, people may be able to upload their 3D model to shopping websites and try on clothes  to see the actual look on their body.

The Makerspace is a great place for students to work on some hand-made projects. We were introduced a fantastic machine. With 3D glasses, we could see vivid and detailed 3D models.