Assignment #1 Cierra Smith

Something that I always wondered about was Cryonics. I am very religious and so I always wondered if we can now freeze bodies after death is there physical evidence of bringing people back after death. It amazed me that when I googled it it actually is possible. There is even a price of $150,000 to do so. It makes me wonder if this is something that everyone will want to do and if so how will it be regulated. Will it still apply to murders and rapist and if not who are we to decide whose life is able to continue with this technology?

Right now, the most interesting technology to me is the Samsung VR. I find it very interesting to be sitting in an entirely different reality, but I also find it very dangerous and believe there should be regulations because people can become consumed. Another idea I had was that jobs can be created from this technology as well as most interesting to me, exposure. I come from a neighborhood where many people do not have the resources to travel or experience things and so they are confined mentally to their circumstances and do not understand there is so much out there in the world including types of people and places to explore. I believe this technology will make them work harder to get out into the world and push them to do better so they can compete and experience the world. I would give this technology to young teenagers in public high school who have not left the country. I would like to see their reaction to the video and people and see if their opinion changes about certain things.