Assignment 1 – Liesel Rickert

I was very intrigued by the new AI chatbot that Microsoft released a few weeks ago on Twitter called Tay. This intelligent robot learns as it virtually interacts with people. Unfortunately, this backfired for Microsoft, because as Tay scanned Twitter and learned from conversations she read, she learned to be racist and Tweeted some homophobic, racist, and radical tweets before being shut down for recalibration. An AI robot learning from its surroundings and experiences reminded me of the Omnidroid robot that Mr. Incredible fights on the Incredibles that learns about its opponents weaknesses and tactics of how to fight from its experiences. Obviously, a virtually interacting artificial robot and a physically fighting robot are very different, but I believe the future of AI robots has many possibilities and room to grow, and Tay is just at the beginning of it all.


I would really love to interact with the 360 cameras and VR. However, I think that might be something I do on my own time, because I would like my field test to reflect possible use in my future industry. As I am hoping to enter the world of interior design PR, I thought about what technology could most realistically be used in that field. I want to explore using Hololens to be used as a replacement for design renderings. I have a vision of design firms being able to virtually design a room by testing colors, furniture, etc. through hololens instead of having to design it on computer programs saving time and money for the firm.