New Technology Science Fiction Predictions in the Real World (Assignment 1)

Her was a science fiction/romantic comedy movie released in 2013 that was about a man’s relationship with an artificial intelligence software for companionship. This movie included multiple examples of new technology predictions throughout the movie.

In relation to our class, there was one specific scene in the movie where the main character was playing a game that was projected into his living room for a fully inclusive 3D simulated experience. In our second class when we met in the innovation lab, I immediately thought of that scene when we were playing the games on the 3D gaming software in the lab. This is a clear example of a technology prediction shown in a movie that has come into real life.

Here’s the scene here!

After looking into the contributors to the scene a little deeper, it turns out that the programmer of the version of the game shown in the movie, David O’Reilly, has decided to create the game in the real gaming market.

O’Reilly announced his plans for the game, Mountain, at the Horizon Indie Game Conference at E3, and ultimately released it in the indie game market in June 2014.

Here’s the game trailer:

Here’s the Mashable article where I found the information about O’Reilly’s game

As far as my field test, I am still unsure of where I want my focus to be. 3D gaming is very interesting to me but I don’t know how I can apply it to media. Hopefully after more research I will come up with my official field test idea.