Assignment 1 -Renee Yang’s Market Research Report

On the News Engagement day, the devices that my group member and I tried for market research were Structure Sensor and 360 Camera.

Structure Sensor is the world’s first iPad 3D scanner that is attached to an iPad and could provide depth information for 3D scanning. The device has to work with app that can be installed on iPad. It can create a 3D map of interior space by using the scanner attached to iPad and also provide the feature of measuring the objects you got in the map. We met Jason in Newhouse 3 lobby, so he became out first interview to try the Structure Sensor. Because Jason had experience of working with Structure Sensor, we skipped the introduction part. Jason took a interior scan of the Newhouse 3 walk-in lobby at the entrance by University Place street. Based on the 3D map that Jason got, the quality of the map was not as high as we expected, and the scanner cannot catch the brighter area and any places go beyond 25 feet from where he stood. He had to keep as closer as his  original position and move as gentle as possible. Therefore, we got to know that the Structure Scanner has several restrictions, but it still could be used for creating virtual tour and 3D modelling on some aspects according to Jason.

The second interviewer that we had was a girl to try the Structure Scanner with a app called itSeez3D. itSee3D is designed to 3D scan objects or human beings by using the in-depth camera attached to iPad. Because the girl had no experience of using any 3D scanning products, we did a brief introduction to her on how to use the device. She took a 3D scanning portrait of my group member. The image quality is much better than the 3D interior scanning and the 3D portrait result is very close to the real person who is been scanned. The second interviewer said that the portrait scanning is very possibly to be used in police department.Polices can use it to keep criminal records or modelling suspects. Although the image quality and many other features of this scanner need to improve, Structure Scanner is definitely play an important part of the new media storytelling industry.