Assignment 1 – Srosh Anwar

An Interactive map and timeline about number of refugees entering US each month

Refugee crisis which escalated last year is still going on in with US taking more than 60,000 refugees. Data of each entry is updated on United States Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration. This information is updates each months and is available to anyone in the form of boring excel spreadsheet. I want to make a series of interactive maps and timelines weaved in with the personal stories of refugees who have settled in US.

The first map that I have in my mind is about the number of refugees who came and settled in each state in this month.  Users will be able to see the number of refugees in each state by hovering the mouse over it. On clicking – the state would be zoomed in – which will be color coded according to the nationality of the new refugees. On clicking each color – a personal story from a newly arrived refugee family would pop up on the screen.

The second phase would be a timeline of the process what refugees have to get through to get refugee status United States. Each part of the process will have a separate clickable link in a chronological order for example

  • Getting your paper ready
  • Filling out the forms
  • Waiting for Approval

As users will click on each entry – a story of a refugee would pop up – which could be text or a very short video. Each personal story would also include the number of months or hours it took for each refugee to get to United States.

The third phase of the project is going to be getting settled in US. It will be the same timeline concept.

The project will be tested by completing the first phase only – to judge the user interest.