Assignment 1 – The future of wearable technology

Kieran Lynch

I think the biggest reason we’re having this discussion about wearable technology’s future and not its presence already is because most of it doesn’t accomplish all the tasks we want it to without being part of a phone.

Technology needs to serve an every day purpose for a user to use it and I think this technology is either stuck in the land of too basic (automatic pictures) or just functioning using your phone (watches). People won’t use a device that just complicates the one they already have. It needs to be simplified and in a perfect world, complementary.

I think VR has the best chance of becoming something used in the future because it’s adding to the film experience in a way that’s completely different. It isn’t just adding an interface for me to get another pointless group chat notification, but is allowing me to see a movie or world in an entirely different perspective.

If more wearables can go in that direction and become something people see as a step forward from a phone and not as an intrusive/unnecessary device, they’ll grow in importance in the digital landscape.

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