Assignment 1: The Future of Wearables

As with any new technology, the future of wearables is unknown. Wearable technology, like Google Glass, Apple Watch, Android Wear and Autographer, is getting both positive and negative attention. Some like the ability to take near effortless pictures and videos and communicate with ease. Others think pictures and videos taken with these technologies are an invasion of privacy, and some question the need for these new items.

Despite these differing opinions, it’s hard to ignore the impact wearables can have on the media. The Autographer and Google Glass make it easy to take pictures and videos without anyone knowing. This can be useful for investigative stories. Many people will say more or do things they wouldn’t normally do if they knew they were being filmed. As mentioned previously, users of these technologies may encounter privacy issues and will have to proceed with caution before posting or airing videos/pictures publicly.

These technologies can also be useful in covering breaking news events like protests. News outlets are usually searching for photos and videos from the scene, and these technologies provide quick and inconspicuous ways to obtain them.

Android Wear and the Apple Watch have the ability to change media consumption. Now that people can get news virtually everywhere, even on their watches, they may be less likely to watch a television newscast or listen to the radio. However, users may see headlines and be enticed to watch TV or go online to learn more.

The more “mainstream” and fashionable these technologies look, the more people will want to buy and wear them. Google Glass was definitely held back by its look, so that can certainly be improved upon. I predict the Apple Watch will do well because there are several options and looks.

Also, the quality of the pictures and videos will most likely improve with time and different editions of the technologies. Sometimes the pictures and videos lack quality because of movement and no focusing capabilities.

The future of wearables is bright, however, because many people are intrigued by new technologies. The more functional these technologies are, the more people will spend the money to get them.

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