Assignment 1

Though I have been to the Makerspace a few times and knew that it had a 3D printer in it, getting a full tour opened my eyes up to (free) and endless opportunities offered. Scanning and modifying and printing people and scenes seems like it could be of particular use to the design, architecture, and gaming industries. Having the ability to accurately scan rooms allows for near perfect renditions of scenes for gaming. Being able to modify what you scanned enhances game designers and architectural designers ability to create realistic and practical settings. After clicking through some of the chrome experiments, it seems like an entirely new art form has emerged from the growth in 3D programing. The models ability to play tricks on your eyes is of particular interest to me and I actually found that I had a visceral reaction to many of the experiments on Chrome Experiments.  My abstraction of my print out isn’t all that abstract but I thought it would be cool to have an army of sorts, of myself. It is like a modern day terracotta warrior scene. Maybe I could change my outfit and hair and could have different versions of myself all around! I think the file is too big for tinkercad to export so I uploaded a few of the models to Sketchfab and then took a screen shot of what my tinkercad scene looked like.