Assignment 2-Alexandra Rojas

The HoloLens was absolutely incredible. I’m amazed by how this technology works. Random things pop out of nowhere and the pictures are so clear. The fit was a little uncomfortable and took some time getting used to. And using the technology was agitating and difficult at times. But this lens was straight out of science fiction movies and I’m so glad I was able to try it.

I want to work for a news publication that has a print and online platform that integrates photography, podcasts, videos, data visualizations, and hopefully a form of innovative technology. In five years, I will need more skills in visual storytelling if I want to use this technology in my reporting. I would have to approach a story through different angles in order to find the best way to tell it and to fit it in all these platforms. Telling the story will probably take a little more time. However, I’m sure that there will be more collaboration in the newsroom when attaining the information. The good news is that more people will probably want to read and will absorb the news more than ever before.

I may be able to travel more than anticipated in order to capture the visuals that I need for the story. Or I will have the opportunity to create my own scenes using CGI or another form of coding. Creating scenes in CGI are probably easier because I would be able to create the scene as it may have happened.

In 20 years, the only way that you can watch the news will be through a Samsung VR or some other tool of virtual reality headgear. Media corporations are going to see their own headgears that consumers can buy and have a constant streaming of news that they create. The amount of media companies will reduce to maybe five because they will be beating each other out with the amount of competition.