Assignment 2 – Tiffany Moran

The Mothers’ Ethnicity of the 8 Most Popular NYC Baby Names in 2014




The graph that I made went through the data from 2011-2014 of the most popular baby names in New York City categorized by the baby’s sex and the mother’s ethnicity. I filtered the data by year first, only focusing in on the most recent year, 2014. Then I filtered the count from highest to lowest and the rank from lowest to highest. This enabled me to have the most popular baby names at the top of the list. Once this information was filtered, I took the four most popular male and female names for a total of eight names. Once I had this list of names, I searched for them specifically in the name filter to see how many babies were named each one based off of their mother’s ethnicity. This gave me the end result of the eight most popular New York City baby names in 2014 broken down by the ethnicity of their mother.