Assignment 2: Deaths Due to HIV in New York City, 2007-2014

Divya Murthy

The effects of HIV in New York City affect minorities disproportionately, to the extent that the data for the same shows zero cases of fatal HIV among white residents of the city between 2007 and 2014, as compared to over 3,000 deaths among the black population and nearly 2,000 among the Hispanic population.The effects of HIV among minority populations are further exacerbated by sociocultural and economic factors, including lack of access to adequate care among these communities and unequal treatment once enrolled in healthcare, according to AIDSVu, an interactive map showing the prevalence of HIV in the United States.


Progress toward the prevention of HIV is measured by indicators like increase in testing, awareness, viral suppression, linkage to and retention in care and decreases in late-stage diagnoses and deaths.


HIV Deaths in New York City, 2007-2014