Assignment 2: Uber’s Impact on Taxis

I found a data set from fivethirtyeight that was submitted on the website Github which contained information regarding Uber pickups in Manhattan compared to other similar services. The data set also included information regarding the average change in Yellow Taxi trips per day in September from 2013 to 2014 as a result of the rise of Uber and other car services. I took this information and sorted it to be shown by hour. I organized the data into columns to display the change in amount of rides per hour.

assignment 2
Create column charts

This chart shows that the greatest change in rides occurs primarily in the evenings, with the greatest change happening during the 12:00AM hour (-1,460). The number of Yellow Taxi rides actually increased during the 6:00AM hour (130), the only positive daily change. This chart helps to show the impact that competing car services have had on the taxi industry, specifically Yellow Taxi, in Manhattan.