Assignment 2- Edwards

Star Trek predicted the cell phone. They were called ‘communicators’ in the series, but they are essentially the cordless (“landline-less”) cell phone of today. Here’s a video of them using it in the original series: Due to copyright violations, there’s no audio but you get the idea without it!

3D video interests me the most. I have been intrigued by the New York Times’ use of it recently. When we first learned how to use it in class, I was amazed by how simple the videos were to produce! I envisioned a much more involved approach than simply pressing a button to record. I thought you had to rotate the camera at the very least! Because of this, it’s my favorite technology.

I intend on using it in my field test. Originally, I was thinking about getting video of vacant homes in Syracuse, but then thought that may be a bit stagnant. BUT they are constantly doing demolition on these homes, so I wanted to do a ‘before and after’ or contrast the eery ‘nothing-ness’ of one vacant home with the intense energy of a demolition of another. Either way, these homes have great potential for video that the average person doesn’t typically get a behind-the-scenes perspective on.