Assignment 2: Jenkins

For this assignment, I found a chart on that listed reported hate crimes from 2010 to 2015 based on county, type of bias, and whether the crime was against people or their property.

I narrowed my study to look specifically at “Anti-Male Homosexual”, or AMH, hate crimes in the most recent year available, 2015.


A hate crime is described by the NY State Government as follows:

Under New York State’s Hate Crime Law (Penal Law Article 485), a person commits a hate crime when one of a specified set of offenses is committed targeting a victim because of a perception or belief about their race, color, national origin, ancestry, gender, religion, religious practice, age, disability, or sexual orientation, or when such an act is committed as a result of that type of perception or belief. These types of crimes can target an individual, a group of individuals, or public or private property.


The chart below shows the amount of AMH hate crimes based on county in New York State in 2015. One important note is that the counts are only of those incidents that are reported to the police. Crimes that possibly occurred but were not reported are not included.

According to the data, Kings and New York County had the highest AMH incident rates, with 21 and 30 respectively. These are much higher than the third highest, Bronx, which had 7 incidents.

I thought that the data obviously didn’t factor in population, and thought that Kings and New York were the highest because they had the largest number of people, which is partially true, but I wanted to find out.

The second graph shows the population estimate in 2015 for each of the counties which had AMH hate crimes in 2015.

Interestingly, according to the data, New York County did not have the highest population, coming in third behind Kings and Queens.

Another interesting fact is that New York County has approximately 13% higher population than Bronx, but had almost 77% higher AMH hate crime incidents.

One thing to look into would be whether the problem is the area in counties with the highest AMH hate crimes like Kings and New York, or if the reporting in other counties is not as accurate, and therefore the numbers are really low.