Assignment 2 – Jason Mussman

My first experience with the HoloLens was unreal!  Never before did I imagine in my lifetime to be able to feel like Tony Stark.  The HoloLens has the potential to revolutionize and change every career and the daily way people operate.  The potential with the HoloLens in the working field is huge.

Construction Workers can follow tutorials right in front of their face and actually construct buildings while having the blue prints right next to them.  The blue prints can also tell exactly how to construct the building and where to screw in certain objects.  It can also scan the devices and see if any screws are missing.

The scanning quality on the HoloLens was very accurate.  I played RoboRaid and scanned the room and in minutes Aliens were attacking me from the room I was in.  The accuracy of the scan was unbelievable.  I was also very impressed with the audio in the HoloLens.  While playing RoboRaid the audio kept directing me to where the Aliens were and where I had to look.

I think the HoloLens will be very helpful for everyday adults who need to fix simple problems around their house.  If a pipe breaks in your house you can contact a plumber and he’ll give you step by step instructions on how to fix it.  Children who want to build objects with Legos can see step by step instructions on where pieces go.

The HoloLens has the potential to change the world, using it and understanding it now can give me a major advantage in my career in the future.