Assignment 2: Jenkins

Having taken the VR Storytelling class, 360° video isn’t new to me, but the speed and ease of creating it has gotten much better, as well as the integration of VR into programs like Unity through things like the VRToolKit.

For my Field Test I was thinking of two ideas:

The first would be using a 360 camera (probably Samsung’s), to simulate a music video, specifically testing it’s capabilities in lower-light environments with specific sections of the video lit up (with lights), to direct the viewer’s eyes.

The second is creating an environment in Unity for the HTC Vive that uses space in a way that it doesn’t work in real life. For example, when you turn a corner one way you’re in a forest, but if you go around the other way, it’s just a plain hallway. This could be used to expand storytelling of very large scenes, in the confines of the HTC Vive’s play area.