Assignment # 2 Olivia Johnson

HoloLens was a dual reality experience. When I used HoloLens it was as if I was still participating in the “real word,” but I was also engulfed in the augmented world.

I like the HoloLens and how it could possibly be used in such fields as in mechanics, engineering, science etc., according to their website. Microsoft is in a sense making life easier with this sort of mixed reality. For creators the fact that you can create something and see it directly in front of you is amazing in a sort of 3D way. This could increase their accuracy and productivity by the hundreds.

As for me as a journalist, this could be beneficial when doing layout for in print papers. To actually see the content on the page and be able to alter it that way would be extremely beneficial to the newspaper world. This would save a lot of time for the copy editors and layout people. It would also increase the quality of the product for the reader. It could also rejuvenate the print industry so we are no longer “dying.”

One of the majors problems I saw with the HoloLens was its operating features. To me pinching the air is not a feasible way to use the internet or play a game. Neither is doing a Hip-Hop dance move to open the internet. If HoloLens were to make the usability of the product similar to everyday tablet use where you can touch the augmented screen etc. then the product would be more realistic and an easier interface/interaction.

Overall, I thought the product was really unique and cool. I could see myself using it in the future. As for widespread use I think it would need to be further developed before we see everyone with one like a tablet or cellphone.