Assignment 2: Opioid related death during Obama administration

Marita Perez Diaz

Assignment 2

The story I found in the data is related to the current opioid crisis that Americans face in New York. To make my analysis easier, I decided to break the data offered by the website in three aspects: the total number of deaths from 2008 to 2016, the total number of deaths in those years by age, and the total number of deaths in those years by racial group. For that, I used filters and a pivot table that would allow me to add and group the data according to my needs.

How did the number of drug-related deaths in the state of New York behave in recent years? Which age group did it affect the most? And to which racial group?
The analysis of the data shows us a clear increase in drug-related deaths since the beginning of President Obama’s administration. Over the years it was increasing until reaching more than the double in less than 8 years.

Opioid death related during Obama administration

The data shows that almost every age group was affected, with less impact under one and over 85 years. From 25 to 54 years, the deads were over 2000.

Opioid death related by age in New York 2008-20015

The most affected racial group was, by far, the Hispanic population. That was the most shocking result that this data showed to me. This is definitely the first step to support a more complex investigative data article.

Opioid death related by race origin during past administration

By presenting the data in context, we could complement them with research on the policies of the Obama administration and the state of New York to confront the drug epidemic and find the intrinsic causes of its failure. My most important takeaway from this first analysis is that we can find unexpected results from the same data, by grouping it and filtering it in different ways.