Assignment 2: Prototyping Connor Hakan

Connor Hakan

Product Concept:

My product is a website that allows people to post upcoming parties at Syracuse University.  The website also has a ranking system of all the Greek life.  There would be two ranking for fraternities and sororities.

Parties and Greek houses would be reviewed by users.  The website would function as a sorting system for people to find parties and social groups.

Target Audience: The target audience is Syracuse students who want to go to parties and might rush for greek life.  In addition, party organizers also will be my target for getting their information on when they are having a party.

Front Page

Page 2User Interaction Flow

Pixar Story

  • Once upon a time there was … a freshman at Syracuse University who did not have any idea where to go to find a party.
  • Every day … he walked around frat row or the neighborhoods lonely while everyone else had someplace to party.
  • One day … he found a website that allows party organizers to set up times when they are having parties and users could review how fun the parties had been in the past.
  • Because of that … the freshman was able to plan his night with confidence and could find a fun place to meet new people.
  • Because of that … the freshman was able to have fun at a party and reviewed the party on the website.
  • Until finally … he wanted to join a fraternity and already knew which ones he enjoyed the best and could see the rankings of which fraternity were on top.