Assignment #2 — Rasheeda Davis

Using the Microsoft HoloLens  was a great experience. Initially, I was not sure what to expect. The thought of a wireless device that combines augmented reality and virtual reality seemed serial. The progression of technology and the progressive impact on our society, made me think of film the science fiction The Matrix.  This new technology is exciting because it will change the way we interact and how we collaborate on projects. Prior to the course, I was not very familiar with the Microsoft HoloLens. I was some what familiar with the Oculus Rift.

The Microsoft HoloLens is innovative and will transform the way media is consumed. The Microsoft HoloLens will help provide consumers with an new  way to interact with technology. Through this technology, we change the way we learn and interact.  For example, it can change the way students learn in classrooms around the world. As this technology progresses, it can be used to provide students with realistic images. This technology will improve the quality of work produced by researchers. This technology can help in the S.T.E.M sectors.

The HoloLens will definitely be a great tool in the public relations industry. Through this device, I could create an entire interactive presentation for potential clients. I envision this device being used to create diagrams and provide realistic models of potential inventions. This device will decrease the cost of constructing models. The current condition of the HoloLens is not ready for everyday use because it is sort of heavy. The initial product has a lot of potential and will forever change the way we communicate.