Assignment 2 – Srosh Anwar

Just a decade ago augmented reality and Hololens was something you could see in the movies. It was really exciting to try the lens in the class. It is well built and the image quality is really good as compared to other Virtual Reality products that I have tried in the class. Also unlike VR products – you are not transported away from the reality – which is great not only from a safety point of view but also I see it much more useful tool for storytelling. It can be used for drawing comparisons between reality and now. Let’s say you can visit an archeological site with your HoloLens and see what’s out there and what it was like in the past. You can tell stories about environment, places and people.

However all that depends on how many people have access to the product before it actually become a useful tool for storytelling. Because if no one owns the headset or have access to it then the number of people it will reach out is going to be extremely limited.

During my research for augmented reality I came across this video about an augmented reality app where you point your phone at a location and you can see if any of the places in view had received government funds.


Common people are still ambiguous about the uses of this technology since it is still in rudimentary phases of development. However it has tremendous potential and I as a journalist see myself using it extensively for reporting. It could be used in sports journalism – bringing scores in front of their eyes without listening to the commentary to drawing comparisons and providing stats, numbers and information without having to search for it on the computer.