Assignment 2 – Veronica Ortiz

Using the HoloLens felt like a small taste of living inside of a science-fiction piece. I had always dreamed of controlling holograms in mid-air and it had finally come true with the HoloLens. Even though the device itself is very bulky, I found the cushioning and adjustments to fit my head perfectly. I wouldn’t want to wear the device for too long since its weight was a strain on my neck.

I quickly got a hold of the device’s gesturing and I found them to be very receptive and streamlined. I enjoyed being able to pull up huge holographic animals and have them just hang about the room.

One thing about the HoloLens that was very disappointing is its small field of view. Moving closer to the edges of the field of view made the holograms cut off or disappear completely.

I think this technology would be mostly beneficial for design work or medical technology. I’m still not entirely convinced about its possibilities for narrative work. HoloLens, even though it’s augmented reality rather than virtual reality, removes the user from outside interactions. When you’re wearing the glasses, it becomes awkward to interact with other people. The magic of film and television is that it can be a communal experience, which this is still lacking.