Assignment 2: Yi Zhang

The data in the bar chart comes from a food services inspection form posted on the New York State open data site.

Food safety is one of the most critical issues that people care about. Unexpectedly, there are a lot of food services in Syracuse not so safe and clean as we thought.

First, I filtered Syracuse out of all the cities in the New York State. I used sum formula to add critical violations and non-critical violations together to get the total violation numbers for each food service. Then I grouped food services based on the number of total violations they got. To present more information, I used the stack bars to show the number of food services with and without critical violations in each group. The bar chart below only includes the situation of food services in Syracuse. It could possibly be used in a local news about food safety.

Food Services Violation Situation during the Last Inspection in 2016 in Syracuse, NY
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