Assignment 2

I found an interesting set of data on from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that highlights some complaints that consumers have filed in 2013-2015. What I found interesting is that many of the complaints were about threatening behavior from debt collectors. In order to explore this further, I first filtered product to “Debt Collection”. Then I filtered the issue to “Taking/threatening an illegal action” and filtered the sub-issue to “Threatened arrest/jail if you do not pay”, because that seemed like the most serious threat. I then picked 5 sub-products that I wanted to focus on, and I chose, “Payday Loan”, “Credit Card”, “Medical”, “Auto” and “Mortgage” because I felt like those are often some of the areas where large amounts of debt are accumulated. I also chose to focus on just 2013 and 2014 and compare the two. To organize the data for the pie chart, I filtered each sub-product individually for both years and summed the number of complaints and presented the all in the infogram.