Assignment 3

Through this assignment, my patience was truly tested. At first, I had planned to 3D print a mini version of my head, but reached a road block when the Makerspace couldn’t print it. After many attempts to either scan several different 3D objects, I was finally able to scan a red hair clip. My first couple attempts included scanning a blue water bottle. Each time I rescanned my water bottle, the processing took longer and failed on me. After waiting another day to process the red clip (and about a week of trying to get a successful scan), I finally had a 3D scan on my phone. Unfortunately, I still faced some further difficulties. When I finally scanned my red clip, I discovered that I couldn’t upload a fully colored version to Sketchfab because the file was too big. Due to this, I’ve included a link of my 3D scan with the color. Keep that in mind when you see the white, annotated version. This clip is essential to my morning routine and helps me manage my hair.

Go to this link here to read my annotations about how this clip works for me!