Assignment 3 – 3D Printing and Scanning

This was a seemingly very easy assignment but it proved to be very frustrating.

I wanted to design something cool in tinkerCad however I have never used it before. I looked up a couple of youtube videos – and I tried to design a minion through  the video tutorial. Even though it seemed very easy in the tutorial but after struggling with it for hours I still couldn’t make anything remotely close to a minion. So, I thought abut sticking with basics and designed this key chain. However it looked very amateur and basic so I discarded the idea of printing it out.

3D Print-1

Instead I tried my hand on 3d scanning and uploaded it to  sketch fab. I have just  used the mesh because I was having some trouble uploading the obj file that I had emailed myself.

Model Mesh by sranwar on Sketchfab


Even though I was not able to create anything meaningful for this assignment but at least I was introduced to the basics of 3D scanning and 3D modelling.