Assignment 3 Connor Hakan “Police Crackdown on Drunk Drivers”

Police Crackdown on Drunk Drivers

Connor Hakan

New York State police conducted a crackdown on drunk drivers over a 20 day period.  State police caught 769 people driving under the influence from August 21 to September 7.

The most drunk drivers where arrested in the Upper Hudson Valley region.  The Southern Tier region of New York State saw the least amount of drunk driving arrests.

The crackdown comes in light of the national 20-day Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over campaign. Governor Cuomo told police on August 20 to ramp up enforcement efforts.  Labor Day weekend is an opportunity for families to have fun, but the danger of drunk drivers can also increase.  Police arrested 219 drunk drivers over Labor Day weekend.  This years efforts saw an increase of 106 drunk driving arrests from the same period last year.