Assignment 3: Cuba-USA Relations Timeline

On December 17, 2014, Cuba and the United States announced the restoration of relations between the two countries after more than five decades without them. Under the Obama administration in the US and Raul Castro presidency in the island, the bridges between the long-term enemies started to grow, offering hope to more than 11 million Cubans who live in the island and almost 3 million of them who live outside.

It seemed that the “cold war” was finally ending. Hundreds of interchanges happened between academics, scientists, sports people, politicians, journalists, and artists. Both the American and Cuban people could touch first hand the multiples benefits of the diplomatic opening. However, after Trump came to power, the US policy toward Cuba had a rollback.

This timeline resumes the most important facts between the two countries since the beginning of the new era of relations, covered by the American magazine OnCuba, based in Havana.