Assignment #3 – Edward McFarland

My Pixar Story

Once upon a time there was a man who wanted to improve on the type food that he eats.

Every day he struggled with not knowing how healthy his food choices were from the grocery store.

One day he heard about the NuVal scoring system, which is a food item scoring system that grades how healthy food is in the grocery.

Because of this he looked for local grocery stores around his area that used the NuVal scoring system, but couldn’t find a store reasonably close.

Because of that he recommended to his local grocery store to start using the NuVal scoring system but it would be a long waited process before the store started using NuVal.

 Until finally the company of NuVal implemented a “calculating space” for shoppers who aren’t near grocery stores that use NuVal Scoring System.

This “calculating space” can be used on mobile and tablet devices and will allow shoppers to type in their food products and the ingredients on the back of the food item. By doing this NuVal will generate a score from 1 to 100 to tell shoppers how healthy a food product is (100 is the healthiest).

Since then the man has been able to use the “calculated space” to determine how healthy his food choices have been.



Pixar Story Prototype