Assignment 3: Expressions and WordPress

Create your Expressions site and set it up with a theme other than the default. Be sure to remove all sample content, install and activate a theme, add a few posts and pages and pictures/videos, customize the theme and add at least one plugin.

To turn it in, simply post a blog entry for Assignment 3 and include a link to your Expressions site. Share a few thoughts about what you learned from the process, things you tried that didn’t work at first and how you got around them, cool themes you found. Post a link to your blog entry in Blackboard under Assignment 3.

After you’re done, you can optionally set up a new WordPress site on your own domain name and transfer the content over from Expressions to WordPress.

Due: Tuesday, Feb. 7 by 10 a.m.

For extra credit: Create your own site on your own domain and host like I showed in class. Migrate your Expressions data into it and send me the URL.