Assignment 3 – Farmers Markets in New York State

This chart was created with to visualize the amount of farmers markers in New York State by county. When looking at this chart, one can tell that Monroe is NY State’s county with the largest amount of farmers markets, with 67 of them around town. Following up Monroe is New York with 61, and then Kings with 52.

The counties with the least amount of farmers markets are Richmond, Schoharie, Schuyler, Seneca, and Wyoming, all with only 2 markets, and Hamilton with only 1 market. There is a total of 690 farmers markets in New York State spread around its 62 counties. Another interesting way to look at this information would be using a heat map, so that one could see more clearly where the concentration of farmers markets is and how it looks like.

To create this chart, I filtered the number of farmers markets and the name of the county in Excel, with a document retrieved from this data website:

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