Assignment 3: Makerspace, 3D Printing

For Assignment 3, I thought I’d print something useful that I could use later. I decided on using a design for an SD card holder from TinkerCad. I’ll post the details here about how long it took as well as a picture and how functional it is (it comes in 2 pieces).


It took me several tries to print at the Makerspace because every time I went back, printers were broken or there was no one to attend to the project. I understand it’s a long process, so I had no qualms returning back to the space multiple times. I’m glad I was introduced to the space and wish I could use it more before I graduate. My friend and I are embroidering a short design we’ve been joking about for over a year. I think it’s such a unique and cool place and I hope more students utilize it!

It took about 5 hours for my SD card holders to print. The student who helped me was able to put two designs on the base plate so I could have two.

It was a good thing I went to check on my project initially because the MakerBot assigned to my project was stalling. Apparently a certain part (I forgot the name of it) heats up and doesn’t fix itself automatically, so someone had to press the cancel button so it would continue printing.

The SD card holder works pretty well and I’m stoked to have printed this. I love making and creating useful things so this was icing on the cake. I’m not creative in coming up with new ideas and uses for new technology; rather, I find ways to relate new things to current practices. I’m excited to see how 3D printing continues to grow and am happy to have participated in it.