Assignment 3 (Prototype and Pixar Story) – Srosh Anwar

My product is a digital magazine on travel, music, food and culture of Pakistan. Most of the content would be videos and photos shot using latest technology like 360 videos etc. The videos and photos are extremely catchy – produced with an intent to go viral on social media. The content would be provided by freelance photographers and video makers.


While the main audience is going to be Pakistani nationals living in Pakistan or abroad but it will also attract other people who are interested to know more about Pakistan, its culture and travelling there. I see an untapped market in this area because local tourism is increasing tremendously but there is no niche publication or website. Moreover the tourism website is not very up to standard.


The interface is simple and attractive – with content displayed without much navigation – however people can use different tabs for filtering out the kind of stories they are interested in i-e- music or food.


My Pixar Story

Once upon a time there was there was a Pakistani living in America

Every day the Pakistani would read about magazine and newspapers and find only news of politics, war and terrorism. The Pakistani would also have to answer stereotypical questions about travelling to Pakistan, women, their role in society, everyday life in Pakistani and so on.

One day the Pakistani decided that he need to show other Pakistanis and the world about mountains, musicians, artists, places and the food of the country using visual media.

Because of that Pakistani’s had a website where they can go and see cool videos and photo stories about travel etc. – which they always wanted to see. Also people looking for information on Pakistan or planning a trip had a place to do their research.

Because of that people found out that there is much more to a country other than what is on the news.

Until finally the Pakistani was able to build an alternative narrative about his/her country.



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