Assignment 3 — Sam Blum

Once upon a time there was a traveling sportswriter who needed to buy airfare, hotel, food and cab fare, all on his own dime (for reimbursement later, of course).

One day, he lost all of his receipts and The Daily Orange couldn’t properly pay him back.

Because of that, he decided to download “Neat Receipt,” an application that allowed him to quickly download all of his receipts instead of being responsible for all the paper copies.

Because of that, all of his receipts were easily accessible in one place. They could be emailed or re-printed and saved to be handed over to The Daily Orange so the publication could pay him back all the money he spent traveling to provide the best coverage possible.

Until finally, all of his paper receipts were in the trash, and he had a full wallet stuffed with cash.

Because keeping track of receipts is hard, and because its a common practice not just among journalists, but anyone who travels for work, this application could make everything far easier. The application could be split up by each trip or even by each type of payment (food, cab, plane, hotel, etc.). Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 11.08.06 AM