Assignment 4 – Clayton Dyer

Drones are already becoming increasingly popular among technology enthusiasts today, and for both recreational and professional use. With expanded video streaming capabilities and GPS-based flying, as well as a more affordable price, drones will surely start to become increasingly prevalent in the world of journalism. Drone technology will become more advanced and affordable in the coming years, but already there are several great uses for drones when it comes to journalism.

Drones are perfect for journalism in a number of ways. First, they can capture footage of locations that would be inaccessible to photographers on foot (and are significantly cheaper than getting a helicopter). The quality of the imagery drones are capturing today has also greatly improved in recent years, and there are numerous different options when it comes to cameras that can be equipped to a drone.

There are numerous ways a drone could be utilized when it comes to journalism. A drone is perfect way to capture footage of a crime scene or house fire, could (in the future possibly) be used to capture footage of sporting events, and would be a great way to record footage of nature. The ability to live stream video also makes drones particularly appealing to broadcast journalism – using a drone to capture and live stream video on a news broadcast would be a significantly cheaper and easier way to get footage of an event than using a helicopter. Drones could also be utilized in the weather portion of a television broadcast, capturing up to the minute aerial footage of the weather in a particular location.