Assignment 4 – DeLuccia

Drones are way more intense than I thought after seeing yesterday’s demonstration, but I know that they’re such an important part of my industry right now! As a film and TV production manager, drones are actually super important in my line of work. They can replace the immense expenses of a crane for certain shots, or even helicopter sequences to get an overlay of a city or landscape. Even though drones are expensive and so are the operators, it costs at least $20,000 less than a crane would – saving studio executives and producers like myself a LOT of money. This leaves more room for VFX, shooting time, and maybe even bigger key stars. The downside to this would be that audio issues may occur because of the sound of the drone, if it’s close enough to the actors and if the scene has dialogue. There’s always ADR (recording the actors’ voices later, in postproduction, to match their mouths) but we try to avoid that as much as possible.

Even in corporate work, filming with drones is almost essential now to get shots that you wouldn’t have been able to get in the first place. It boosts your resume and gets you hired on the next job, although it might pigeonhole you a bit.